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China is a developing country with the largest population in the world. Its 1.3 billion people are rich human resources.


发展中国家:developing country


极其丰富的人力资源:rich/abundant/ample/affluent human resources


2. 高中阶段教育普及率大幅提升,职业教育得到重点加强,高等教育进入大众化阶段。

More and more students enter senior middle schools; vocational education has been especially enhanced; and higher education is becoming more popular.


高中阶段教育:senior middle school/senior school/high school education

大幅提升:increase/improve greatly/drastically/substantially/significantly

职业教育:vocational education


高等教育:higher education



The Chinese government always makes employment promotion the first aim for economic and social development, helps the urban and rural workers improve their overall qualities to gradually increase employment.


促进就业:employment promotion

作为make/regard/treat/consider/think of…as…

优先目标:first aim/goal/objective    

priority target/top priority

城乡劳动者:urban and rural workers

整体素质:overall/comprehensive qualities


4. 2008年国际金融危机爆发后,为应对国际金融危机的冲击,中国政府实施更加积极的就业政策。

After the global financial crisis in 2008, the Chinese government took a more active employment policy to meet the challenge.


金融危机:financial/economic crisis


实施:take/adopt/implement/carry out

就业政策:employment policy



In recent years, the number of traffic accidents has been continuously    increased in the world, which attracts high attention of government of allnations.


近年来:in recent/current years

……高度重视: pay high/great attention to


6. 中国代表团愿借此机会,对世界卫生组织、世界银行以及各国专家表示衷心感谢。

The Chinese delegation would like to take this opportunity to express its heartfelt thanks to the World Health Organization, the World Bank and the experts from all over the world.



愿借此机会:would like to take this opportunity

……表示衷心感谢:to express/extend one’s heartfelt thanks/gratitude to…



If effective measures of prevention are not taken, traffic injuries will result in more serious economic and social consequences to all nations, especially to the developing countries.


采取措施:take action/ take measures/ take steps

带来后果:bring about/lead to/ result in …consequence/outcome


8. 当前,全球道路安全形势非常严峻。全世界每年死于车祸的人数达120万人,伤残5000万人,直接经济损失5000多亿美元。

At present, the situation of global road safety is very grave. Worldwide, about 1.2 million people are killed in road accidents each year and 50 million are injured, resulting in a direct economic loss of more than US $ 500 billion.


形势严峻:the situation is grave/grim

直接经济损失:direct economic loss


X万:X0 thousand     

X千万:X0 million     

X0亿:X billion       

X百万:X million

X亿:X00 million

X万亿:X trillion




9. 我们相信:只要国际社会共同努力,减少全球道路交通伤害的目标就一定能实现。

We believe that with the joint efforts of the international community, the goal of reducing global road traffic injuries will be achieved.


我们相信:We believe that/It is our belief that/We hold the belief that…

共同努力:joint/concerted efforts


10. 我谨代表科学技术部对会议的召开表示热烈的祝贺,对出席会议的中外嘉宾表示诚挚的欢迎!

On behalf of the Ministry of Science and Technology, I would like to congratulate on the opening of the meeting and extend my sincere welcome to all the guests from China and abroad.


代表……on behalf of

……表示热烈祝贺:congratulate on /extend warm congratulations on…

中外嘉宾:guests from China/home and abroad

诚挚的欢迎:sincere/warm welcome


11. 大家知道,气候变化问题已成为世界社会与经济可持续发展面临的重大挑战。

As is known to all, climate change has become great threats to the sustainable socioeconomic development of the world.


大家知道:as is known to all/as we all know/it is generally known that…

社会与经济可持续发展:sustainable socioeconomic development/development of society and economy

成为……的巨大挑战:become/pose great/huge challenges/threats to…


12. 依靠科技进步积极发展绿色经济,提高适应气候变化的能力,消除贫困,促进可持续发展,是全球应对气候变化的必然选择,受到世界各国的普遍认同。

We should rely on advancement in science and technology to develop green economy, enhance our ability to adapt to climate change, eliminate poverty and promote sustainable development. This is the sure path to face climate change and also the common understanding of the global community.


科技进步:advancement in science and technology; scientific and technological progress/advancement

绿色经济:green economy 

拓展:循环经济 circular economy  低碳经济 low-carbon economy

提高……的能力:improve/enhance one’s ability to

build up one’s capacity for…

消除贫困:eliminate/eradiate poverty 

拓展:消除饥饿 eliminate hunger

受到普遍认同:be the common understanding of/widely acknowledged by…


13. 女士们,先生们,应对气候变化的挑战,需要国际社会同舟共济、齐心协力。

Ladies and gentlemen, the global community needs to join hands in addressing the challenge of climate change.


应对……挑战:face/confront/deal with/address the challenge of…

同舟共济、齐心协力:join hands/make joint//concerted efforts/work together/pull together 



While eliminating poverty remains an unfinished issue, it is a long-term and difficult task to reduce poverty.

While the issue of eliminating poverty remains unfinished, it is a long-term and difficult task to reduce poverty.


     消除:eliminate/wipe off/ clear up/remove/ eradicate 


     任重而道远:It is a long-term and difficult task to…/ we still have a long way to go in doing



Poverty results from various reasons, such as economy, politics, society and history. To eliminate poverty is a common responsibility of the whole society.


……造成result from/ be attributable to/ attribute to/ owe to/owing to/be caused by

消除贫困: poverty eradication



As a developing country with the largest population in the world, China’s efforts in developing its own economy and clearing up poverty is a huge contribution to the world development.



     人口最多的:with the largest population/ most populous

     努力:effort/ endeavor/strive

     大贡献:great/huge contribution



China will continue to stick to a scientific concept of development which is people-centered. It will take stronger policy measures to achieve strategic target on time.


     坚持:stick to/ adhere to/ insist/carry on/ hold on

     科学发展观:a scientific concept of development/ Scientific Outlook on Development

     以人为本的:people-centered/ people oriented

     实现:realize/achieve/accomplish/ score

     采取措施:take measures/ take steps



During the past 5 years, the Chinese government has taken a series of policy measures to promote scientific and technological reform. and development.


     一系列的:a series of/ a variety of/ a number of

     科技改革:scientific and technological reform/ S & T reform



China has gained huge success in agriculture, industry and sustainable development.

China has witnessed great progress in agriculture, industry and sustainable development.


     可持续发展: sustainable development

     成效显著:gain huge success/ make remarkable progress/ achieve a lot/ witness great achievement/ enjoy prosperity in…


20. 全方位、多层次的国际科技合作局面基本形成。

A pattern of all-around, multi-level international S&T cooperation has been basically formed.


     全方位:all-around/ all-dimensional/ all-facet

     形成:be formed/ take shape/ take form.



To foreigners, traditional Chinese medicine is very magical and quite puzzling as well.


中医:traditional Chinese medicine




The mix of Chinese and Western medicine is a special way of treating illness in China. Western medicine studying Chinese medicine is an important measure to promote the combination of Chinese and Western medicine.


特有的医疗形式:special way of treating illness


重要措施:important measure/ important step



Together, people from China and abroad experienced the exciting moments of the competitions of the Olympic Games; together, we witnessed the splendid and long history of China; together, we felt the openness and harmony of modern China; together, we carried on the Olympic spirit of “unity, friendship and peace”


经历:experience/ live through



弘扬……精神:carry on the spirit of…

开放与和谐:openness and harmony



Sports are important ways to improve people’s health and enhance both physical fitness and the quality of life of a nation.




身体素质:physical fitness



The Beijing Olympic Games has finished, but the task of developing the spirits of sports and promoting peace and development still has a long way to go.


发扬:carry on/develop/carry forward

和平与发展:peace and development



The Shanghai Expo has showed the progress of human society, and also reflected the challenges, concerns and confusions that mankind faces.



担忧 n. concern

困惑 n. confusion, doubt高级。



We should jointly promote harmonious urban development; we should advance modernization in the rural areas; we should help the less developed regions to achieve common development.


推进/推动:promote/facilitate/push forward/ drive on/advance…

共同地: jointly

共同的: common/shared

农村地区:rural areas

欠发达地区:less developed regions



This is a creative event in the history of China-EU cultural exchanges. It symbolizes a new stage in our cultural interactions and a step forward in the China-EU relations.


创新n.innovation (在这里具体化为creative event 创新事件)




As the main birthplaces of the Oriental and Western civilizations, China and Europe have made great contribution to the progress of human civilization.



……作出巨大贡献:make great/tremendous contribution to



30.   中欧双方文化交流源远流长。

China and Europe have a long history of cultural interflows.


源远流长:have a long history of...



The history of cultural development and exchanges proves that all fine achievements of human civilization are fruits of experience and wisdom made through years. They are symbols of human progress and the common treasures of all mankind.


证明 prove

成果 achievement

结晶 fruit

象征 symbol




Travelling can not only cultivate our personality and taste but also broaden our minds with exotic customs.



China has rich tourism resources, including high mountains and beautiful rivers, varied folk customs and styles, rare animals and plants and numerous scenic spots and historical sites. With those, China attracts a large number of tourists from home and abroad.


民俗民风: folk customs and styles

名胜古迹: scenic spots and historical sites

国内外: from home and abroad



At present, China has formed the largest domestic tourism market and the fastest growing outbound tourism market in the world. The total tourism income of China in 2005 reached 768.6 billion RMB.


目前: at present/presently/at the present time/at current

国内旅游市场: domestic tourism market

出境旅游市场: outbound tourism market



However, with the rapid development of computer and Internet technology, paper is facing the challenge from electronic publication.


网络技术: Internet technology

电子出版物:electronic publication



The birth and development of electronic publication has a profound influence on publishing industry and even the whole society.


诞生: advent/arrival/ coming into being/ invention

……产生影响:have/exert an impact/effect/influence on/upon



In addition, Internet has brought revolutionary changes to libraries, and its databases are available to everyone.


带来: lead to/cause/bring,/result in

革命性的变化: revolutionary changes/transformation




Opening up to the outside world is a basic long-term state policies that China adheres to.


对外开放: opening up

坚持: adhere to/ advocate/insist on



After over twenty years of reform. and development, Chinese economy has changed profoundly.



In recent years, faced with a decreasing growth of world economical trade, China’s economy still maintains a sound trend of development.





Joining the World Trade Organization is a historic event for China’s opening up and modernization.


世界贸易组织: World Trade Organization

具有历史性意义的: of historic significance/importance



The EU has been an important economic and trade partner of China, which is the largest technology supplier, the third largest trading partner and the fifth largest actual investor in China.


经贸伙伴:economic and trade partner

第几大……the + 序数词+ largest


43. 在这里,我谨向长期以来为维护和促进发展中国家利益作出重要贡献的联合国贸发会议表示崇高敬意!

I’d like to express my deep regards to the UNCTAD for the important contribution it has made for maintaining and promoting the interests of developing countries.


……表示崇高敬意:express one’s deep regards to

作出重要贡献:make important contribution

联合国贸发会议:UNCTAD (United Nation Conference on Trade and Development)


即:express regards to “联合国贸发会议” for “所作的重要贡献” for “贡献的具体内容


44. 我们必须大力发展开放型经济。开放的程度决定着开放型经济的发展速度,开放的水平决定着开放型经济的发展前景。

We must develop an open economy. The rapidity of an open economy depends on how wide it opens, and its prospect is determined by how well it open.


开放型经济:an open economy. 大家在听到此类名词时,哪怕不熟悉也不要自乱阵脚,很多时候答案就在眼前。如改革开放政策,即reform. and opening policies

A决定着BB depend on / count on / rely on / hing on / be determined by A 皆可选用

开放的程度:how wide it opens

开放的水平:how well it opens



Since the beginning of reform. and opening up, China’s economy has maintained increasing development rarely seen in the world. Various social programs have made progress and on the whole, people’s living standard has reached well off.



改革开放:reform. and opening up

小康:well off well-off society 小康社会



To realize modernization is the dream vision and lasting goal of generations of Chinese people.


梦寐以求的美好愿景:dream/great/grand vision

矢志不渝的奋斗目标:lasting/constant/persistent/abiding goal/aim

一代又一代:generations of / from generation to generation



As the largest developing country in the world, Chine still remains and will continue to be in the primary stage of socialism for a long time.

社会主义初级阶段:the primary state/phase of socialism



China and Japan are neighbors separated only by a strip of water.


一衣带水(指虽有江河湖海相隔,但距离不远,不足以成为交往的障碍。):a strip of water 



To develop cooperation between China and Japan and friendship for generations is the trend of history and both peoples’ dream.


符合:the trend of




I hope my visit to Japan in April will be an ‘ice-melting’ trip and we will build a long-term stable and sound development of friendship and cooperation.


融冰ice-melting / ice-thawing


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