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表示并列 and, both…and, also, as well, as well as, not only…but also, neither…nor


表示选择 or, either…or


表示转折 however, while, but,yet, on the contrary, in the contrast,conversely,whereas



in addition,additionally,what’s more,what’s worse,moreover,furthermore,besides,even,especially, not only…but also, not only…but…as well


表示让步 though, although, even if, even though, despite, in spite of


表示因果 because,because of,as,as a result of,since,now that,due to,thanks to,owing to,therefore,without,with the help of, consequently,lead to,lie in, for the reason that


表示条件 if, unless


表示解释 that is to say, that is, in another word, in other words


表示举例 for example, for instance, such as, like


表示顺序 first/firstly/first of all, second/secondly/next/and then, finally/at last/in the end/last but not least, in the meantime/at the same time/meanwhile,eventually


表示归纳 in short,in a word,in brief,all in all,to conclude,to sum up,to summarize,in summary,to make/cut a long story short, we have every reason to believe that, in general, generally speaking, on the whole, taking everything into consideration, as has been mentioned above


表示观点 I suppose,in my opinion/view,I’m afraid,I’m sure,I believe,what I think is that,it’s common knowledge that, as far as I’m concerned, personally, as for me,it’s certain that,it’s out of question that,, it is well known that, it is quite clear that


表示正反方观点 on the one hand…on the other hand, some…while others, some people hold the view that…while the others prefer the view that, everything/each coin has two sides, for one thing…for another


表示强调 more importantly, undoubtedly, there’s no doubt that


表示目的 so that, in order that, in order to, for


表示现在 today, now, recently, in recent days,nowadays, at present





With the fast development of A,

As the benefit of A arises,

With the rapid growth of A,


The problem B is becoming more and more serious.

The problem B grows increasingly serious.


C is being destroyed by D.


I believe…

It’s certain…

There’s no doubt that…

It’s out of question that…

I’m confident that…


Confronted with…, we should take a series of effective measures to cope with the situation.

Faced with…, we should take steps to solve it.


Nothing is more important than to do sth. 


There is no denying that…


The reason why… is that…


On no occasion can we…


We should spare no effort to…


It is in recent years that people begin to realize the importance of…


Only in this way can we



1. 开头

My father is a man who is keen on reading and fishing.

My father is a man who is humorous and knowledgeable. 

Being/As a doctor, my father is usually very busy.

Tall and handsome, my father is very strict with himself.

My father is a helpful man, from whom I also learn a lot.


It is Miss Liu who gives me the hope of life.

It is Miss Liu who influenced me the most in my life.

My memory for him will never fade away.

3. ······the+形容词最高级+名词+that+I have ever+seen(known/heard/had/read,etc)

Helen is the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen.



Of all the people I know, perhaps no one deserves my respect more than...



Although he has been away for many years, he still lives in my heart now. 

6. 排比

He is considered as an honest, humorous teacher and he is respected and loved by the students and other teachers. 


This picture always reminds me of my teacher, who used to give me piano lessons every Friday.  

I can never forget Miss Wang, who was my English Teacher.

Miss Wang, whom I can never forget, is my English Teacher.




During last summer vacation, I had a two-day trip with my parents to Bali which was unforgettable to me.

You can have an experience you have never had before.

This experience was much more exciting/amazing/enjoyable than I had imagined.


I love A so much.

What a lovely/excellent/amazing A it was

It was one of the best A I have ever been on.

It was this amazing A that I can never forget.

What a wonderful masterpiece of the nature/God!

It is as beautiful as the Eden Garden.

3. After doing A, B...

After swimming, we lay on the beach to take a rest.


In the sea are various kinds of fish and beautiful coral reefs.

In the Palace are valuable paintings and lively statues.


Only by scuba diving can you experience the beauty of the underwater world.

Only by cycling around the city can you fully enjoy the charm of Xiamen.


What a wonderful masterpiece of the nature/God!

How wonderful a masterpiece of the nature/God!


as....as....   ·····一样

as sweet as honey

as beautiful as a peacock

as mysterious as a maze

as red as a rose/blood





I was happy to see my friends who were waiting for me.

I was happy to see my friends waiting for me.

I was worried to hear the shocking news.

Seeing the news about Tibet Hope School, we were shocked.


After thinking for a while, I finally came up with a solution.

After discussing for a while, we finally reached an agreement.


Having successfully found the address, I wrote a letter to apologize, expressing my regret.

Having successfully found the address, I wrote an apology letter to express my regret.

Having successfully helped the girl find her mother, we went home happily.


After claiming my luggage, I hurried to the exit.

After buying the ticket, we hurried into the cinema.

After getting on the subway, fortunately, I found a vacant seat.




As can be seen from the graph,

As is represented in the table,




开头顶行写: Dear ***,


正文结束之后空行写:Yours/Yours love/Best regards/Sincerely/Best wishes




左上角写当天的日期,右上角写当天的天气情况(cloudy/ clear/ windy/ rainy/ fine/ snowy)


注:年份之前有一个逗号,而且月份通常可用缩写词(如:Jan., Feb., Mar.等)。如果需要写星期,可将其写在日期的前面或后面。如:Monday, May15th, 2008May15th, 2008, Monday



1. In the process of modern urban development, we often find ourselves in a dilemma…

2. As society develops, there is a wide-spread concern over…

3. As to whether…, however, people take different attitudes.

4. With the fast development of …, people are attaching more and more importance to …

5.A heated discussion was carried out in+ 地点 on +问题

6. It is well known that the opinion concerning this hot topic varies from person to person.

7. when asked about this phenomenon , people's opinions vary greatly.

8. So clear/evident/obvious it is that there are quite different opinions on it.

9.Some people hold the opinion that A  is superior to B in many ways. Others, however, argue that B is more important.

10. Most of people are in favour of it.(正方观点+理由)   

However, the others are strongly against it. (反方观点+理由

11.Some people contend that ... has proved to bring many benefits.

12.People who advocate that ...also have their sound reasons (grounds).

13.It is commonly accepted that __. +理由

In contrast, others _______. +理由

14. Many people assert ________.+理由

However, others believe _____.+理由


1There are three reasons for this

2The reasons for this are as follows

3The reason for this is obvious

4The reason for this is not far to seek

5The reason for this is that...

6We have good reason to believe that..


1It has the following advantages

2It does us a lot of good

3It benefits us quite a lot

4It is beneficial to us

5It is of great benefit to us


1It has more disadvantages than advantages

2It does us much harm

3It is harmful to us


1It is importantnecessary,difficult,convenient,possiblefor sbto do sth

2We think it necessary to do sth

3It plays an important role in our life

19.Obviously, we can draw the conclusion that it is necessary for us to …

20.From what has been discussed above (Taking into all these factors/Judging from all evidence offered),  we may draw the conclusion that...

21.All the evidence (analysis) supports (confirms/warrants/points to )  a ( an )           unshakable  (sound/unmistakable)  conclusion that ...

22.We should adopt a more reasonable attitude towards…

23.A plays such an important role that it undeniably  becomes a wide-spread concern of the present world, there comes a question, is it a blessing or a curse?"

24. What we can get from A is not only B but also C.

25.A growing number of people are beginning to realize that A is not the sole requirement for B.

26. It goes without saying that…毋庸置疑



































It goes without saying that…+优点

For example,…

However/nevertheless, We should not ignore the disadvantages it may bring along.

For instance,…+缺点


…has provide many benefits for us, but it also have some disadvantages at the same time

On the one hand, +优点

On the other hand,+ 缺点



It is obvious that the reason of… are diverse/various.

… is mainly because…

several factors can contribute to…

First of all,..+举例

In addition,…+举例




First of all,

What’s more, Besides, In addition, Furthermore,

Finally/ Last but not least,


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