• 中考英语首字母5

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    1. He was very kind and gave half of his money to a charity that helped poor children to live a better life. 理解 2. A hobby is an interesting way of spending your free time. There are many different hobbies for different people to choose to make their life colourful. 理解 3. Children ... ...全文

  • 中考英语首字母4

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    1. My parents and I went to the Bund in the afternoon. We saw some boats sailing on the Huangpu River. 背景知识 2. Yogi Bear, the picnic stealing bear from Jellystone Park, has long been a popular cartoon character loved by many children. 上下文 3. While you are crossing the harbor at ni... ...全文

  • 中考英语首字母3

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    1. A waiter said to him, “I’m sorry we don’t allow pets here”. The man answered “This dog isn’t a pet. It is my eyes. You see I am blind”. 2. Coins inside the Christmas cakes often bring some trouble to many children every year. 3. Tom is a bright boy. He can work out the maths pr... ...全文

  • 中考英语首字母2

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    1. Computers can store much more information than human beings can and they can work out problems far more quickly.固定搭配 work out 算出,解决 2. David is good at playing basketball. He has entered for a club, and he wants to buy a better basketball, though he has already got one.理解是... ...全文

  • 中考英语首字母

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    1. Yes, I remember once seeing you on a train thirty years ago. What an amazing memory you have got! 高频词 2. Those Chinese artisits donated a lot of money by selling pictures they had drawn to help the people in the disarster area. 上下文 3. That old temple has a history of 500 years... ...全文

  • 中考英语作文模板

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    作文连接词汇总 表示并列 and, both…and, also, as well, as well as, not only…but also, neither…nor   表示选择 or, either…or   表示转折 however, while, but,yet, on the contrary, in the contrast,conversely,whereas   表示递进 in addition,additionally,what’s... ...全文

  • 博客换地方啦----进来看地址哦!!

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    http://www.onlyblog.cn/member/index.php?uid=%C2%C0%C3%CE%F0%A8 之后统统发布在这个地址啦 ...全文

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    各位学生,家长:博客正式搬家至:http://www.onlyblog.cn/member/index.php?uid=%B3%C2%CF%FE%D0%A5点击网址后应该很容易能找到相应班级的博客,密码和下载方式不变。有任何问题随时联系我或班主任。为您带来的不便深表歉意。以后博客就用新版的了,请各位惠存:)昂立 陈晓啸 ...全文

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    我们博客又搬新家了,新地址如下,但我还没搞清楚怎么在新地址里让你们找到我,囧~搜搜看吧嘿嘿,自然拼读歌我会继续在新家里更新滴~ http://www.onlyblog.cn ...全文

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    http://www.onlyblog.cn/member/content_list.php?channelid=1 ...全文

  • 生活常用词!有图有真相!(后院)

    熊方菲 发表于 2016-03-02

    Backyard 后院- birdbath 水盆- tire swing 轮胎秋千- umbrella 伞- picnic table 野餐桌- barbeque grill 烤架- tree house 树屋- garden 花园- lawn mower 割草机- dog 狗- dog house 狗屋- slide 滑梯- hose 软管- patio 露台- cat 猫- birdhouse 禽舍- ant hill 蚁丘- swing 秋千- swing set 秋千架 ...全文

  • 英文中各种符号怎么说?(标点符号)

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    °degree 度′minute 分″second 秒℃Celsius degree 摄氏度℉Fahrenheit degree 华氏度@at sign{ }curly brackets 波形括号[ ]square brackets 方括号()parentheses ; brackets; round brackets 括号(open parenthesis 左括号)close parenthesis 右括号.point/dot 点|vertical bar; vertical virgule 竖线&ampers... ...全文

  • 英文中各种符号怎么说?(数学符号)

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    01+: plus 加号;正号“1+1”读作:one plus one02-: minus; negative 减号;负号“2-1”读作:two minus one“-3”读作:minus three或negative three“2-(-3)”读作:two minus negative three03±: plus-minus sign 正负号“±1” 读作:plus or minus one04×: multiplied by ; times 乘号“2×3” 读作:two multi... ...全文

  • 五官的习语

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    英语中有许多习语是由表示人的“五官”的单词组成。1.Eye眼睛 an eye for an eye 以眼还眼,报复catch someone’s eye 引某人注目,令人瞩目give someone a black eye 打得某人鼻青脸肿be all eyes 极注意地看着,非常留神see eye to eye(with)意见一致,立场相同see with half an eye 一看就明白shut one’s eye... ...全文

  • 生活常用词!有图有真相!(衣橱)

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    Closet 衣橱- blazer 小西装- suspenders 吊裤带- suit 套装- tie 领带- pants 裤子- vest 背心- raincoat 雨衣- blouse 女士衬衣- scarf 围巾- purse 女手提袋- skirt 短裙子- coat 大衣- hanger 衣架- dress 连衣裙- T-shirt T恤- Tank top 运动背心- Shorts 短裤- Socks 袜子- Belt 皮带- Jeans 牛仔裤- Sweater 毛衣... ...全文

  • 生活常用词!有图有真相!(厨房)

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    Kitchen 厨房- microwave 微波炉- toaster 烤面包机- kitchen knife 菜刀- kettle 水壶- wok 锅- oven 烤箱- cleaver 切肉刀- frying pan 煎锅- range hood 抽油烟机- cutting board 砧板- sink 水槽- stove(range) 炉灶- blender 搅拌机- coffeemaker 咖啡机- refrigerator(fridge) 冰箱  ...全文

  • 生活常用词!有图有真相!(发廊)

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    Hair Salon 发廊- sink 水槽- barber's chair 理发师的椅子- mirror 镜子- curling iron 卷发棒- comb 梳子- brush 刷子- hair dryer 吹风机- scissors 剪子- shampoo 洗发水- mousse 摩斯- shaving cream 剃须膏- razor 剃刀- hair clip 发夹- bobby pins 发夹- hair spray 发胶- styling gel 发胶- towel 毛巾- condit... ...全文

  • 生活常用词!有图有真相!(游泳池)

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    Swimming Pool 游泳池- Lifeguard 救生员- Umbrella 伞- lounge chair 躺椅- bikini 比基尼- diving board 跳板- swimming pool 泳池- net 网- lockers 储物柜- locker room 更衣室- earplugs 耳塞- towel 毛巾- life ring 救生圈- swimming suit 泳衣- swimming cap 泳帽- goggles 泳镜- sunscreen 防晒霜- ball 球- sw... ...全文

  • 生活常用词!有图有真相!(教室)

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    Classroom 教室- clock 钟- window 窗户- door 门- desk 桌子- flag 旗子- bookshelf 书架- pencil box 铅笔盒- pencil 铅笔- magnets 磁铁- white board 白板- notebook 笔记本- eraser 橡皮- ruler 尺- marker 马克笔- computer 计算机- textbooks 教科书- blackboard 黑板- chalk 粉笔- blackboard eraser 黑板擦 ...全文

  • 生活常用词!有图有真相!(商场)

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    Mall 商场- elevator 升降电梯- men's clothing department 男装部- mannequin 人体模特- fitting room 试衣间- display counter 陈列柜- women's clothing department 女装部- price tag 价标- cosmetics department 化妆品专柜- salesclerk 销售员- department store 百货商店- information desk 咨询台- household ap... ...全文